Chatillon 0723TG Hanging Scale

Chatillon 0723TG Hanging Scale

These low maintenance scales are designed for long lasting reliability at an economical price. Glass covered dials come in single (read clockwise) configurations. H44 Class III Legal For Trade model is sealable by local jurisdictions for point of sale use. Includes galvinized scoop. Used by food retailers for general purpose weighing. Corrosion and impact resistant red band with contrasting black bezel.

Price:  $193.5

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There still are a variety of applications for the Legal for Trade Hanging Scale. This unit is perfect for the Hardware store application where you are weighing out nails or other hardware. We have also seen this scale used effectively for weighing out bird seed, plant and vegetable seed, even frozen shrimp. If you want a legal for trade, mechaincal hanging scale - Look no further! Our price is 15% off of the list - and we have a reputation for Quality follow up on your order. Place your order with or call the Xpert at Xpressscales @ 800-248-5885.


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