AL104 Mettler Toledo Balance.  110 g X 0.0001 g

AL104 Mettler Toledo Balance. 110 g X 0.0001 g

Capacity 110 grams. Readability 0.0001 gram. Weighing Pan Diameter 90 mm. Compact. Extremely handy, compact design. Large weighing pan for efficient working. Good Value Has everything a balance needs, Without unnecessary features and extras. So the price is right. And the quality - what you would expect from Mettler Toledo. Practical. Simple operation with lofical menu guidance and only a small number of keys, Flexible in use. Clear. Large high-contrast LC display for maximum ease of reading. Download the detailed literature to fond out more about this Mettler Toledo Laboratory Balance.

Price:  $1825

Mettler Balance

If the job calls for speedy checkweighing, the AL/PL balances have all you need: just a few keys provide easy and reliable operation. A stable reading appears immediately. The large-format, high-contrast LCD display ensures at-a-glance readability. If needed, additional applications such as animal weighing, target weighing and others can easily be activated.

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Completes with A& D Weighing, Acculab, Denver Instruments, Labtronics, My-Weigh, Sartorius, Siltec, Setra and many more. When you Buy Mettler Toledo You buy the best!

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